Google I / O 2018 conference ended days ago amid a great follow-up to the conference, and Google announced the ninth Android version, which will be named Android P, and the trial version of the talk has won the admiration of many people due to the great features that it brought, and we will review With you during this article, the most important features in it.

Conserving battery power

Among the upsides of the new update is the nearness of the Adaptive Battery include, which will utilize man-made reasoning innovations to moderate the battery, and through this component the telephone will perceive the applications that you use consistently and will keep it. With respect to the applications that you don't utilize and needn't bother with, it will close it and this element It will make the battery life 30% better than anyone might have expected.

Home button

The new update for Android P will do without the Home button in a step that many people described as an attempt to make the way to use Android similar to what it is in iOS, and it will be compensated for by a black bar in the screen that you can use to manage the phone and open applications and move between them, as well The look of the background apps is different from the previous one, and it will be similar to what it is on Apple phones, where the applications are next to each other.

detect location
The new update will make geolocation more accurate, and will not be limited to streets only, but will go beyond buildings, you will be able to use Google Maps inside the malls for example and reach your goal via the map.

Time Management

The new update came with a feature that a lot of people demanded which is the time management feature where the phone will tell you the time you spend using each application, and you can specify the time that you want to spend using each application, for example you choose to use YouTube for an hour per day, after The end of this hour The phone will send you an alert that the specified time for YouTube has expired.

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